History in the making!

What a season we are having so far!

RedBull racing and predominately Max are on the top of their game. Breaking records left and right is a truly amazing achievement to see unfold.

Surely people are finding it boring and some even say it’s hurting the sport. But if you look at the bigger picture, you can only conclude that in a few years this season will be remembered as one of the most astonishing seasons ever happened in Formula one history.

Max reaching his 10th victory shows how great his talent really is and maybe it looked easy, but it takes a lot of work. Going for that 100% perfection is what you need to achieve these goals.

We have seen that in the past with Senna and Schumacher. Everything had to be perfect and it was never good enough.

The downside of this is that Max and RedBull are often discredited for their accomplishments, this comes forward out of jealousy and resentment.

Toto and Lewis constantly poking suspicions towards RedBull that are unfounded. It’s all to pull up a curtain to take away the attention of the bad Mercedes cars.

Seeing Lewis’s statement on that he had more competition is pure envy in my opinion. Yes he had a Nico Rosberg and a Fernando Alonso, but I can’t say that Kovalainen and Button were tough teammates. Bottas was quick during Free Practices and won maybe 2 races a year, but he was mainly hired to accommodate Lewis on his way to yet another championship. He wasn’t really competition at all. We all remember “Valtteri it’s James” and we all saw him slow down on occasions to let Lewis by. It’s sad to see how since he isn’t in the spotlights, he goes back to that angry guy he was when he didn’t have the best car at McLaren anymore. Conclusion, he can’t handle disappointment.

Lastly we have Toto Wolff. The man that hates losing with a passion. When asked about the accomplishment of Max getting 10 wins in a row, he threw that straight in the bin by saying it’s not worth anything and only nice for Wikipedia, which supposedly nobody reads. Sad how he has become Mr. Grumpy because his team can’t even build a good car.

Almost every day we see Mercedes news coming from Toto that they are bringing upgrades that will bring them forward and that they will be back on top soon. It never happens. I can understand that it must be frustrating, but that’s not anybody’s fault except for the team’s engineers and developers.

Mercedes should take example of Willams, Alfa Romeo, Alpha Tauri and the others, they don’t scream that they are going to gain 5 tenths with their upgrades. They just hope for the best and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s all part of the sport.

Look at Aston Martin, they were the surprise of the season, brought an upgrade and it didn’t work. Who did they blame? Only themselves!

All this anger from Lewis and Toto is reflected on a part of their fans, who have made it their life goal to be angry and hateful under every RedBull and Max post. It’s crazy how many want Max to have a fatal crash. Lewis and Toto are so “involved” on mental health, maybe they should start with those people that can’t be civilized.

For sure there are toxic Max fans too and some go too far with their opinions, but I think that most of them are reacting to the toxic statements coming from Lewis fans or the sour statements coming from Toto and Lewis themselves.

To finalize this all I just want to say that Formula one is a sport where teams try to build that perfect racing car with the best engineers, developers and mechanics possible combined with the best drivers to win those championships. It’s not about pretty rich boys driving in expensive cars. It’s about fierce competition, struggles and how they cope with all that.

Those men are risking their lives every time they step in that car and it’s ridiculous to see how people seem to love crashes happening.

Have fun the rest of the season, be aware that you’re part of Formula one history in the making and be proud of what they are doing to accomplish that goal.

Most of us couldn’t drive a straight line in any of those cars.

Enjoy it all!


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