AD2022 is just like AD2021!

It is the same! Hamilton hasn’t won this year, he doesn’t care too much, just like he doesn’t care too much about Max but:

  • has to come back about Silverstone 2021
  • has to take digs at Max at every opportunity
  • has to mention he only spoke to Max about BLM and that didn’t help
  • has to talk about the Red Bulls and not about Max
  • has to talk about Adrian Newey’s car and not about Max
  • has to be interviewed about totally different things and get the subject to Max,

so, he DOES care about getting the first win in 2022 and therefore, prolonging his career record. And if Lewis cares, so does Toto! So, this weekend, after Russell’s win in Sao Paolo, the whole of MB is behind Lewis. This has to be his race. Like Damon Hill said, “making new memories”

So, he is as hyped up to win this one, as he was last year, although it’s not the championship at stake, but only this one race-win. Which is all important for the MB-team as well, closing 2022 with a win, getting the motivation back to make the W14 better than the W13.

There is just one small thing, a tiny thing, a minor problem, so to say, like there was last year and that is MAX!

Max, who only drove in FP2, was faster than the mercs. Max, who got out, got the fastest times after 2 laps and had the best racepace. Not Checo, but Max. There is the small problem for MB. Max wants to win, get the record number of wins in a season one more up and he wants to win AD2022 without the controversy from 2021. He will want to establish himself once more as the best driver on the grid and if Checo is close behind, they will end up 1 and 2 in AD2022 and in the driver standings over the whole season.

The stakes mat be less high, buit they are certainly there!

SkyF1 hasn’t picked up on this yet, they see the small problem that Max forms as a much bigger problem, but it will be a thrilling race, once again!

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